About Me

My name is Valeria Basso and I’m a Brand Experience Architect. I help small businesses and non-profit organizations stand out from the crowd by communicating their value uniquely and consistently, online and offline, so that they can engage their audiences and drive them to action.

I am not into gimmicks and fluff. I believe that every business that wants to thrive must stand for something above and beyond any product or service; something that people can identify with at a deep emotional level.

What I do is about combining marketing strategy, storytelling, and consumer psychology, though sometimes in the process I also find myself functioning as somewhat of a brand therapist.

At heart, what I enjoy the most is helping my clients, learning what makes them special and teaching them how to tell it to the world.

I’ve worked in several fields of business communications, across multiple industries and company sizes, from a big corporation like Paramount Pictures to family-owned and operated firms. Along the years, wearing many hats has taught me how to be analytical while keeping a big-picture vision; how to bring different pieces into a whole; and how to be structured yet flexible. I’ve seen what happens when companies lose track of who they are, don’t rest on solid foundations, or don’t deliver what they preach. It has made me want to fight for greater meaning and coherence in all brands.

I have always refused to conform and the desire to be true to myself has often brought me to choose the more difficult path and work harder for what I wanted. The self-professed black sheep of the family, I get my integrity from my father, my thoughtful creativity from my mother and grandmother, and a certain stubborn free spirit from my maverick grandfather.

If you are ready to make your business stand out, contact me today so we can start developing its unique brand experience.