What is content? It is any material a company can produce which might be educational, informative, useful, and even entertaining for its audience. It should be branded but not promotional. This includes case studies, stories, newsletters, videos, instructional material, infographics, emails, blogs, social media, e-books, white papers, seminars/webinars, photos, etc.

The development and publication of valuable content has become a crucial part of marketing and communication activities, for both business-to-consumers (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. Consumers don’t want companies to inundate them with promotional messages anymore; instead, they demand that brands show their value and industry expertise by providing them with useful and timely educational material.

Content strategy is an important part of creating a brand experience online.

Content marketing can accomplish different goals:

Search engine visibility. The more content you put out on the web, the greater the chances to rank high in search engine results for target search keywords relevant to your business (it goes without saying that the content must first and foremost be of high quality and of interest to your audience).

Thought leadership. The more content you provide for your prospects, the more educated they get and the more they will see you as a trusted expert (no matter the size of your business).

Lead generation and nurturing. Offering valuable downloadable content in exchange for basic contact information can be a way to grow your leads database. By educating and entertaining your potential customers with content you’ll increase the chances that they will turn into clients.


Services include:

  • Content strategy analysis and assessment
  • Competitors’ content strategy review
  • Keywords analysis for search engine optimization of online content
  • Development of content strategy based on available resources
  • Content segmentation per customer/lead type
  • Design of content production workflow
  • Development of “editorial calendar” for content publication
  • Content re-purposing plan